Sunday, 8 January 2012


Ok so before Christmas a very lovely lady called Amy Beeton bought one of my Sphynx Cats Get Cold prints as a Christmas present for her Mum. Much to my delight, he later emailed me photographs of her Mum's cats as a thank you for the artwork. Holy moly, so freakin cute! The end of her email said "btw - there names are Prune, Touie, Rhapsody and Ghandi." Brilliant.


Happy New Year! Forgot to blog about this last year (feels weird saying that) but I won in my category at the Moustache Illustration Awards by Creaturemag! Was SO happy, especially when knowing the judges were Eat Sleep Draw, Flamingo Magazine, Handsome Frank and Inkygoodness! Rad. So thanks guys, lovely jubbly and was thrilled to be involved...